CTJ Calls on Treasury to Scrap “Corrupt” Research Tax Credit Revisions

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On September 5, 2002, CTJ director Robert S. McIntyre wrote to Pamela Olson, the new assistant secretary of the Treasury for tax policy, asking her to withdraw the revisions to the research tax credit proposed by her predecessor, Mark Weinberger, in late 2001.

McIntyre wrote:

“You may or may not concur with the conventional wisdom that Mr. Weinberger’s actions with regard to the research credit represented a gross conflict of interest, given his close relationship with Ernst & Young and his long-time lobbying to gut the 1986 research credit reforms. But I hope you will agree, in light of the plain language of the 1986 law and the court decisions interpreting it, that the December 2001 research credit regulations are inconsistent with both the statute and the public policy underlying it.”

The full text of McIntyre’s letter and two attachments are linked in PDF format.

CTJ letter to Treasury
October 2002 “Taxonomist” column
January 2002 “Taxonomist” column

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Peter Jennings “In Search of America” Profile of CTJ Director Bob McIntyre

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Four flights up in a dilapidated building on L Street, Robert S. McIntyre holds a candle for liberal America. Steps up from Stoney’s Beef-N-Beer on one side and the Washington headquarters of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) on the other, McIntyre serves as the director of what is officially described as the nonpartisan, nonprofit Citizens for Tax Justice . . . .

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