We believe tax justice is linked to economic, social, racial, gender and climate justice. Read more.

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For decades, far too many of our elected officials have put the wants of special interests, corporations and the very rich over the needs of the rest of us. Now, lawmakers seek to cut taxes for corporations and the rich while claiming such policies will benefit working people. Collectively, we can raise our voices to stop the brazen, upward redistribution of wealth.


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Together, working people can stand up to special interests and demand a fair, sustainable tax system.

Today we need to speak up and demand adequate relief from this recession,
smart policy to combat this virus,
and visionary leadership to help us emerge not the same,
but better than we were before.

- Amy Hanauer, Executive Director
A Hero vs a Heel: No Contest

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Citizens for Tax Justice focuses on federal, state and local tax policies and their impact upon our nation. We are a partner in the movement for transformative change. Our purpose is to ensure an equitable and adequate tax system that benefits all of us.

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