We believe tax justice is linked to economic, social, racial, gender and climate justice. Read more.

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We have a once in a generation opportunity to reverse decades of tax policy that has steered more wealth to the top, widened inequality and deprived our country and communities of the resources needed to build a strong foundation for the future. Together, we can make our voices heard and secure more equitable tax policy that raises the resources we need to invest in our communities. Find resources to learn more about the current debate and connect to mobilization efforts underway to help win the fight for tax justice!


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Together, working people can stand up to special interests and demand a fair, sustainable tax system.

The truth is that the pre-pandemic economy worked best for the elite few. Stock market values and low unemployment masked the harsh truth: the rich were amassing more wealth while four in 10 people didn’t have $400 readily available to cover an unexpected expense.

- Amy Hanauer, Executive Director
Biden’s Budget Signals the End of Trickle-Down Economics Era

About Citizens for Tax Justice

Citizens for Tax Justice advocates for federal, state, and local taxes that ensure the rich and corporations pay their fair share. This will make for stronger communities, a fairer economy, and more opportunity for all. Bringing unique insights to the tax debate and supporting the work of coalition partners, CTJ reinforces with lawmakers and the general public that 40-years of trickle-down economics has not worked for the average American, and we can no longer let the rich and corporations off the hook for paying their fair share. 

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