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American Billionaires By the Numbers

A new website is using Forbes' billionaires data to provide insights into growing wealth inequality, tracking the real-time net worth of U.S. billionaires by state and their growing political influence.

COVID-19 Tax Policy Resources

Click through to read commentary and analyses of economic stimulus and relief plans from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

Why I’ve Joined the Fight for Tax Justice: Amy Hanauer

As the incoming executive director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and its sister organization Citizens for Tax Justice, I’m joining a phenomenal team that analyzes and makes policy recommendations to improve federal and state tax policy.

Corporate Tax Avoidance in the First Year of the Trump Tax Law

91 corporations did not pay federal income taxes on their 2018 U.S. income. These corporations include Amazon, Chevron, Halliburton and IBM.

POLITICO “2020: The Issues”

POLITICO’s “2020: The Issues” is a comprehensive election guide with a dedicated section to 2020 Democratic primary candidates' positions on tax policy issues, including capital gains, wealth taxes, corporate income taxes and more. 

CEO to Worker Pay Ratio

How companies compensate their employees and executives matters.

Corporate Elite, Not Workers, Cash in on Tax Cuts

The 2017 tax law has fueled stock buybacks and incentivized offshore tax havens.

The Myth of Individualism and Wealth-building

This paper delves into and debunks these pernicious myths that have helped define too many of our public policies.

Public Policy’s Role in Uneven Economic Opportunity

The U.S. middle class grew significantly during the 20th century in part because the nation put in place public policies that helped families access economic opportunity and grow wealth. But the harsh truth is that, by design, these public policies benefited white communities most and often deliberately exclude communities of color.