Ready to join the fight for tax justice?

Americans are ready for a tax code that rewards work over wealth. Advocates are saying no to regressive state and local tax policies that deprive communities of critical revenue. And the vast majority of Americans continue to dislike the 2017 tax law that largely benefited corporations and the wealthy. Together, we ordinary working people can stand up to special interests and the lawmakers who back them.

Below is a list of organizations that are mobilizing for fair, adequate and equitable tax policies, and links to get engaged in the fight.


Follow this coalition of over 400 groups on Twitter and subscribe to their email list for opportunities to get active in the tax fight.
Order your copy of Tax the Rich and setup a roadshow for your friends and colleagues as this group of high-net worth Americans, business leaders, and investors make the case for why they should be paying more in taxes. They also make a great follow on Twitter.
The Coalition for Free and Fair Filing is committed to taking the cost and headache out of tax filing for tens of millions of Americans by supporting the Internal Revenue Service’s efforts to develop a free, simple, and publicly-owned online tax filing tool.
Join this coalition advocating for financial accountability and corporate transparency in demanding Congress end tax breaks for outsourcing jobs and shine a light on tax avoidance. There you can sign-up to receive news from the FACT Coalition and you can also follow them on Twitter. 
Find your local Indivisible group to join with other progressives in the fight to preserve democracy. After all, there is not progressive tax policy without a functioning democracy. If no group exist in your area, start your own and join the national effort. 
If you want to go beyond advocating for progressive tax policy and move into the realm of making it, you can find supports here to help you run for something.
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