• The Minnesota Vikings will get their new stadium and taxpayers are on the losing team.  In more sports news, the New Orleans Hornets can thank the Louisiana legislature, who recently voted to give the team a tax break that amounts to $37 million over the next ten years. But the Milwaukee Bucks might not be as lucky.  
  • Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal said  that once the Governor signs the tax bill sitting on his desk, “Everybody’s just going to be amazed, and your constituents will be very proud of you.”  But in fact it’s more bad news for Kansans.
  • Here’s a great opinion piece from the Canton (Ohio) City Council President showing the impact that state budget cuts have had on his community. Budget cuts don’t happen in a vacuum.
  • It’s that time again. Louisiana’s hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday is a boondoggle (as is Virginia’s); they are the definition of “poorly targeted” and do little for consumers and local business.

Photo of Vikings Stadium via AFA Gen Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0