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  • Kudos first to Washington State Representative Marko Liias who introduced a bill that requires the wealthiest Washingtonians to pay a two percent income tax to help fund education. This is big news because Washington doesn’t currently levy ANY income tax.
  • Washington Post Columnist Robert McCartney rightly applauds Maryland Governor O’Malley’s “courage on taxes.” McCartney is right when he says that in terms of tax hikes, “What’s scary in the short term might pay off down the road — not only for politicians, but also for the state.”
  • This week, Jeff McLynch from the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute presented testimony to the Commission to Study Business Taxes.  His group opposes the Commission’s draft recommendations first and foremost on the grounds that it would cut state revenues dramatically, leading to program cuts.  He also points out that the Commission’s proposed change to a “Single Sales Factor” corporate income tax apportionment formula could well have the unintended consequence of deterring many types of companies from making the Granite State their home.
  • Interested in an inspiring, principled op-ed about what real tax reform means? Read this, from Kentucky.