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Citizens for Tax Justice Director, Bob McIntyre, writes in The the Hill’s Congress Blog today:

….Just as Ronald Reagan and a bipartisan Congress did in the Tax Reform Act of 1986, we should crack down on wasteful, often harmful corporate tax subsidies. The 1986 reforms curbed useless tax breaks for oil companies, public utilities, defense contractors and a wide array of corporate special interests. It rewrote the way we tax multinational corporations to make it harder for them to avoid their U.S. tax responsibilities by moving their U.S. profits to foreign tax havens. And by doing so, it made our economy more productive and increased corporate tax payments by more than a third.

Indeed, if just the 280 corporations that CTJ analyzed in our 2011 study had paid the full 35 percent corporate tax rate on their U.S. profits over the 2008-10 period (instead of only half that much), they would have paid an additional $223 billion in corporate income taxes.

Read the full essay here.