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As the 2016 presidential race heats up, Citizens for Tax Justice will dig deep into  candidates’ records and analyze their current policy positions on tax issues. We’ve closely followed the work of many current and potential candidates in recent years, in many cases providing detailed distributional analyses of their tax plans and proposals.

Below is a repository of our reports, blog posts and tax plan analyses. 











Hillary Clinton

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“Clinton has frequently shown a willingness to take a stand for tax fairness but has never fleshed out a clear agenda on these issues and has occasionally embraced regressive or gimmicky tax policies.”

Hillary Clinton’s New Tax Proposals: Steps Toward Making the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share – January 14, 2016

Press Statement: Clinton Tax Reform Proposals Are a Step Toward Tax Fairness – January 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Tax Proposal is Right on Inversions, Wrong on New Tax Cuts – December 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton Would Limit Tax Breaks for the Well-Off to Make College More Affordable – August 19, 2015

What We Know About Hillary Clinton’s Positions on Tax Issues – April 11, 2015

Clinton Family Finances Highlight Issues with Taxation of the Wealthy – June 26, 2014

The Clinton-McCain Gas Tax Proposal: Get Half a Tank Free This Summer – May 2, 2008

Who’s Rich? – January 16, 2008

What the Presidential Candidates Are Saying about Taxes: Update – November 30, 2007

Democratic Presidential Candidates Address Fiscal Issues in Debates – September 28, 2007

Battle Only Beginning Over the “Carried Interest” Tax Loophole for Billionaire Fund Managers – October 12, 2007

The Presidential Candidates on Taxes – August 17, 2007

Presidential Candidates Weigh in on Wealthy’s Taxes – June 29, 2007

A Congressional Tax Report Card – October 2006

Hillary Clinton takes on the Bush tax cuts – July 11, 2005

Bernie Sanders

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“Senator and now presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has one of the strongest records of any elected official when it comes to standing up for tax fairness. In many cases, Sen. Sanders has been the lone voice in the Senate fighting for legislation that would ensure that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.”

Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Tax Plan Would Raise $13 Trillion, Yet Increase After-Tax Incomes for All Income Groups except the Very Highest – February 8, 2016

The Tax (and Wage) Implications of Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” Health Plan – February 8, 2016

News Release: Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Tax Proposal Would Increase Federal Revenue and Increase after Tax Wages for All but the Top 5 Percent – February 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders is a Champion for Tax Fairness – May 1, 2015

State-by-State Estate Tax Figures Show Why Congress Should Enact Senator Sanders’ Responsible Estate Tax Act – September 22, 2014

The Estate Tax Is Not Doing Enough to Mitigate Inequality: State-by-State Figures – September 22, 2014

Best and Worst Ideas for “Blank Slate” Tax Reform – July 30, 2013

Bernie Sanders Is Right and the Tax Foundation Is Wrong: The U.S. Has Very Low Corporate Income Taxes– April 23, 2013 

CTJ’s Bob McIntyre Applauds New Bill to End Deferral of Taxes on Offshore Corporate Profits – February 7, 2013

Citizens for Tax Justice Joins Over 70 Organizations in Support of the Responsible Estate Tax Act – July 30, 2010

House Democrats’ Stimulus Bill Would Rescind the “Wells Fargo Ruling” – January 28, 2009

Congress Should Approve Bills Introduced in House and Senate to Shut Down Treasury’s $140 Billion Give-Away to Banks – November 24, 2008

Martin O’Malley

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“At a time when many governors stubbornly rejected new revenues despite their states’ weak fiscal positions, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s was one of only a few governors who championed tax increases to preserve his state’s public investments even during the Great Recession.”

Martin O’Malley’s Record on Taxes is Progressive – May 30, 2015

Study: Recent EITC Expansion in MD will Make Taxes More Fair, Reduce Inequality – May 15, 2014

Chart: New Gas Tax Plan in Maryland House of Delegates – March 19, 2013 

Chart: Maryland Governor O’Malley’s New Gas Tax Plan – March 6, 2013

New From ITEP: Maryland Tax Bill Would Improve Tax Fairness and Revenue – May 16, 2012

Maryland’s Governor O’Malley is Right: Digital Downloads Don’t Need a Special Tax Break – January 27, 2012

Maryland Commission Omits Indispensible Piece of Gas Tax Reform: Credits for Low Income Families – October 27, 2011

Five Reasons to Reinstate Maryland’s “Millionaires’ Tax” – March 9, 2011

Gubernatorial Candidates with Progressive Positions on Taxes Who Won – November 5, 2010

Out of Control Tax Credits Demonstrate Need for Greater Oversight – December 11, 2009

Another Example of the Power of Service Sector Lobbyists – April 11, 2008

New York and Maryland Consider Taxes on Wealthiest Residents – March 21, 2008

Maryland Tax Changes: Glass Half Full – November 20, 2007

Senate Plan Falls Hardest on Low-Income Marylanders – November 7, 2007

Tax Reform Debate Underway in Maryland – November 5, 2007

More Details Emerge on Maryland Governor’s Tax Plan – October 5, 2007

Maryland Governor Proposes to Close Fiscal Gap with Regressive Taxes — and A Few Progressive Ones, Too – September 21, 2007

Tax Reform? No. Save an Antiquated Pastime that Can’t Support Itself? Yes. – August 24, 2007

Maryland: Save the Poor Horse Racetracks? – August 22, 2007


Lincoln Chaffee

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“As a presidential candidate running for the Democratic nomination in 2016, Lincoln Chafee has yet to lay out a vision on tax issues, so the only indications so far of what his positions may be lie within his record as a former U.S. Senator and Governor in Rhode Island. And the evidence suggests that Chafee largely supported fiscally responsible tax policies, even when such positions were unpopular among his fellow lawmakers.”

Lincoln Chafee’s Record of Fiscal Responsibility – June 19, 2015

Few Winners and Many Losers in Rhode Island Tax Reform – June 9, 2014

Are Special Tax Breaks Worthwhile? Rhode Island Intends to Find Out – July 17, 2013

Convention Speaker Profiles: Govenors Perdue, Quinn, Chafee, Patrick & O’Malley – September 4, 2012

Governors Class of 2012: Honors Students and Class Clowns – July 12, 2012

Raising Revenue from High-Income Households in Rhode Island – March 7, 2012

A More Modern Day Sales Tax – March 7, 2012

How Rhode Island Didn’t Do the Wise Thing When It Had the Chance – June 30, 2011

Sales Tax Reform Debated in Rhode Island – April 15, 2011

A 21st Century Sales Tax: Why Governor Chafee’s plan to modernize the sales tax is necessary – March 11, 2011

Rhode Island Governor Would Improve Tax System, But Could Do Better – March 11, 2011

Gubernatorial Candidates with Progressive Positions on Taxes Who Won – November 5, 2010

A Congressional Tax Report Card – October 2006

Trifecta Falls Short – August 7, 2006


Jim Webb

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“When it comes to tax reform, former Virginia senator and Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb has publicly discussed conflicting views.  Webb has proposed taxing investment income at the same higher tax rate that applies to wages. He has also proposed ending offshore profit-shifting by multinational corporations by closing the “deferral” loophole. On the other hand, Webb suggests that the nation should consider “shifting our tax policies away from income and more toward consumption.” Such policies would be highly regressive.”

Jim Webb’s Confusing Stance(s) on Taxes – July 8, 2015

Senate Republicans & Five Democrats Block Full Tax Cut Extension for 98% of Taxpayers & UI Benefits – December 6, 2010

Senate Candidates Talk Taxes – October 18, 2006





Jeb Bush

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“Jeb Bush’s tax reform rhetoric is far more salient than his actual plan. He derides special interest giveaways and crony capitalism but then outlines a plan riddled with special interest giveaways and crony capitalism ideals.”

Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan Gives Top 1% Average Tax Cut of Nearly $180,000 – October 28, 2015

More Than Half of Jeb Bush’s Tax Cuts Would Go To the Top 1% – September 11, 2015

Bush and Trump’s “Populist” Tax Rhetoric Is All Talk – September 10, 2015

Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan Is a Corporate Giveaway Disguised as Tax Reform – September 9, 2015

Jeb Bush Loves Tax Cuts, Especially for the Rich – July 9, 2015

The Tax Cheaters Lobby – November 13, 2002


Donald Trump

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“Yet another presidential candidate is making a mockery of populism by trumpeting a massive tax break for the rich as a plan that will benefit average Americans. The top 1 percent of Americans will receive an average tax break of $227,000 per year while the bottom 20 percent will receive an average tax cut of only $250. Trump claims the plan will be revenue neutral, but he has made bombastic exaggerations before and this time is no different. In fact, there is no possibility that this plan would not be a gigantic tax cut for the rich and a gigantic revenue loser for the government.”

Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Would Cost $12 Trillion – March 17, 2016

The Net Effect: Paying for GOP Tax Plans Would Wipe Out Income Gains for Most Americans – March 9, 2016

Trump’s Criticism of Jeff Bezos as a Tax Dodger is Half-Right – December 9, 2015

Donald Trump’s $12 Trillion Tax Cut – November 4, 2015

Brownback on Steroids? Donald Trump’s Plan to Cut Taxes on “Pass-Through” Businesses–And Hedge Fund Millionaires – September 29, 2015

CTJ Statement: Trump Tax Plan Would Cost Nearly $11 Trillion Over 10 Years – September 28, 2015

Bush and Trump’s “Populist” Tax Rhetoric Is All Talk – September 10, 2015

What Trump Gets All Wrong About Immigration and Taxes – August 25, 2015

Donald Trump’s Regressive and Retrograde Tax Plan – June 22, 2015


Ben Carson

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“Dr. Ben Carson enters the Republican presidential field without any significant legislative experience so he doesn’t have a record on tax policy. But in a 2013 op-ed, the well-respected neurosurgeon explained his avid support for a flat tax system. The case Carson made for the flat tax is based on a number of falsehoods about our current tax system and how a flat tax would work in practice.” 

Dr. Ben Carson enters the Republican presidential field without any significant legislative experience so he doesn’t have a record on tax policy. But in a 2013 op-ed, the well-respected neurosurgeon explained his avid support for a flat tax system. The case Carson made for the flat tax is based on a number of falsehoods about our current tax system and how a flat tax would work in practice. “

Ben Carson’s Flat Tax Plan Would Cost $9.6 Trillion, While Increasing Taxes on Low-Income Families – January 6, 2016

Ben Carson’s 10 Percent Flat Tax is Utterly Implausible – September 1, 2015

Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson Once Avidly Argued for a Flat Tax — And Got the Facts Wrong – May 5, 2015


Carly Fiorina 

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“Based on what we know from her time as a corporate CEO and a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Fiorina’s call for the public to stand up to the political class may be all talk. Instead, she may ally with corporate influencers.”

Carly Fiorina Has Toed the Party Line on Taxes – May 11, 2015


Marco Rubio

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“Sen. Rubio’s newest tax deform plan is a much larger version of his gimmicky tax proposals of years past. In each case, he attempts to get credit for touting tax cuts, while at the same time hiding the real cost of his proposals. The crucial difference this time around is the sheer scale of the damage his tax reform plan would do to tax fairness, public programs and the U.S. economy if it were ever enacted.”

The Net Effect: Paying for GOP Tax Plans Would Wipe Out Income Gains for Most Americans – March 9, 2016

Marco Rubio’s Tax Plan Gives Top 1% An Average Tax Cut of More than $220,000 a Year – November 3, 2015

Marco Rubio: The Great Tax Deformer – April 14, 2015

Anti-Tax Grandstanding of Olympic Proportions – August 3, 2012

The Olympic Tax Exemption: It Gets Worse – August 9, 2012

California Lawmakers Stumble in Quest for Tax-Complexity Gold – August 20, 2012

Florida: Rubio on User Fees – December 4, 2007

Ted Cruz

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“Texas Senator, and now presidential candidate, Ted Cruz is a supporter of radical tax plans that would dramatically increase taxes on poor and middle class Americans in order to pay for huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.”


Ted Cruz’s Tax Plan Would Cost $13.9 Trillion, While Increasing Taxes on Most Americans – March 16, 2016 

The Net Effect: Paying for GOP Tax Plans Would Wipe Out Income Gains for Most Americans – March 9, 2016

Ted Cruz’s Tax Plan Would Cost $16.2 Trillion over 10 Years–Or Maybe Altogether Eliminate Tax Collection – November 12, 2015

How Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Would Radically Increase Taxes on Everyone But the Rich – March 23, 2015

Republican National Committee Wants to Abolish the IRS – September 5, 2014



Rand Paul

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“No member of Congress has been more active in the cause of protecting tax cheaters and tax avoidance by our nation’s wealthiest individuals and corporations than Sen.(now presidential candidate) Rand Paul.”

Detractor Dangles Shiny Objects to Obscure Facts about Rand Paul’s Deficit-Inflating Flat Tax Proposal – June 19, 2015

Rand Paul’s Tax Plan Would Blow a $15 Trillion Hole in the Federal Budget – June 18, 2015

Rand Paul’s Record Shows He’s a Champion for Tax Cheats and the Wealthy – April 7, 2015

Press Statement: Boxer-Paul Repatriation Proposal Would Reward Corporate Tax Scofflaws – January 29, 2015

Republican National Committee Wants to Abolish the IRS – September 5, 2014

Reid-Paul “Transportation Funding Plan” is No Plan at All – June 11, 2014

Good and Bad Proposals to Address the Highway Trust Fund Shortfall – June 19, 2014

Republican Platform Now Endorses Gutting Laws that Stop Offshore Tax Evasion – January 23, 2014

The Wrongheaded Quest to Shrink the IRS – July 17, 2013

Yes, What Apple’s Doing in Ireland May Well Be Legal — and That’s the Problem – May 22, 2013

Senator Rand Paul’s Fight for Offshore Tax Havens – May 13, 2013

Senator Rand Paul: Champion of Secret Swiss Bank Accounts – May 2, 2012


Mike Huckabee

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“Despite having a relatively moderate record on tax policy as the governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee has wholeheartedly embraced a radically regressive tax plan as a central plank of his presidential candidate platform.”

Would the Real Mike Huckabee Please Stand Up? – May 7, 2015

The Republican Presidential Primary: And In This Ring… – December 21, 2007

GOP Debate: Who’s Paying Too Much in Taxes? – December 13, 2007

Mike Huckabee’s Tax Record – December 5, 2007

What the Presidential Candidates Are Saying about Taxes: Update – November 30, 2007

GOP Candidates on Gas Tax Hike: No Way – August 11, 2007

The Presidential Candidates on Taxes – August 17, 2007

Arkansas: Good Words from Governor Huckabee – July 8, 2005


Bobby Jindal

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“While Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has yet to lay out a specific tax plan in the run up to his presidential campaign announcement, he has fought to reduce taxes for the wealthy and corporations at the expense of everyone else. He outlined his vision in his 2013 plan that sought to eliminate the state’s income tax and replace it with revenue from an expanded sales tax, a reform that would dramatically cut taxes for the wealthy while increasing them for at the expense of low- and middle-income people.”

Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana is a Cautionary Tale for the Nation – June 24, 2015

Louisiana Legislators Try to Avoid the Wrath of Grover Norquist – May 28, 2015

Louisiana Film Tax Credit Costs More Than It Brings In – May 20, 2013

Louisiana Tax Overhaul Collapse as Bellwether? We Can Only Hope. – April 17, 2013

Governor Jindal Admits Defeat, Abandons His Tax Plan – April 9, 2013

This Just In: Louisianans Still Don’t Trust Governor Jindal’s Tax Plan – April 4, 2013

Governor Jindal’s Tax Plan Would Increase Taxes on Poorest 60 Percent of Louisianans – April 1, 2013

Eliminating Louisiana’s Income Taxes Will Hurt the State’s Economy – March 18, 2013

Jindal Leaves Inconvenient Details Out of His Tax Plan – March 15, 2013

“Middle Class Tax Cut” Could Send Wisconsin Down Slippery Slope – February 8, 2013

Beware The Tax Swap – January 24, 2013

Governor Jindal’s Bad Idea for Louisiana Attracts Scrutiny – January 15, 2013

Proposal to Eliminate Income Taxes Amounts to a Tax Increase on Bottom 80 Percent of Louisianans – January 11, 2013

Fewer than Three Percent of Americans Will Pay Health Care “Penalty Tax” — and Anti-Tax Politicians Go Crazy Anyway – September 21, 2012

How Louisiana Celebrates the Second Amendment: A Sales Tax Holiday for Guns – September 7, 2011

Louisiana: Repeal of Income Taxes So Radical Even Governor Jindal Cannot Support It – May 25, 2011

Eliminating State Income Tax: Good for Whom? – June 1, 2009

A Congressional Tax Report Card – October 2006


Chris Christie

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“During his five years in office, New Jersey Gov. and now presidential candidate Chris Christie has consistently blocked progressive tax increases and sought to pass regressive and fiscally irresponsible tax cuts. The starkest example of how Gov. Christie has sought to make New Jersey’s tax code more unfair is that he consistently vetoed a small tax rate increase on millionaires but (conveniently until this week) refused to reverse his cuts to the state’s earned income tax credit (EITC). On the federal level, Gov. Christie has similarly laid out a broad tax cut plan that would heavily favor the wealthiest taxpayers while simultaneously slashing federal revenue.”

Chris Christie’s Long History of Opposition to Progressive Tax Policy – June 30, 2015

A Tale of Two Tax Proposals – May 12, 2015 

12 States Could Raise Gas Taxes This Year – January 29, 2015

Tax Increase to Fund Transportation Should Be Combined with Credit to Help Low-Income Families – January 26, 2015

Two of Every Kind of Tax Giveaway – October 23, 2014

Highest-Income New Jerseyans Would Still Pay Lowest Share of Income to Taxes After Proposed Changes – June 25, 2014

A New Wave of Tax Cut Proposals in the States – January 28, 2014

$elling New Jersey $hort: Across-the-Board Income Tax Cut Would Harm the Garden State – January 9, 2014

Will New Jersey Re-elect the Fiscally Reckless Chris Christie? – October 17, 2013

Governor Christie Budget Plan Panned as Gimmick, His Tax Talk Called Puffery – March 6, 2013

Convention Speaker Profile: Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) – August 28, 2012

Chris Christie, Drama Queen – July 5, 2012

Reality Shatters Chris Christie’s Rose-Colored Glasses – May 24, 2012

State Treasurer Confesses: Our Job is to Protect Millionaires – May 2, 2012

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Promotes Same Old Tired Arguments for Cutting Taxes – February 23, 2012

Reality Check: Income Taxes Do Not Impede Economic Growth – February 15, 2012

Chris Christie Playing Shell Game With Tax Cuts – February 8, 2012

Failure to Address Gas Tax Costs New Jersey Over a Half a Billion Dollars a Year – December 15, 2011

Governor Christie’s Snooki Situation – October 5, 2011

New York and New Jersey Governors Favor Unpopular Toll Increases, But Oppose Popular Tax Increases – August 25, 2011

Chris Christie’s Veto Pen – Mightier (and Meaner) Than Any Sword – July 14, 2011

New Jersey Gov. Christie Vows to Veto Widely Popular Millionaires’ Tax – June 29, 2011

‘Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ’: Bruce Springsteen Letter Puts Gov. Christie in the ‘Lion’s Den’ – April 8, 2011

Prioritizing Corporations Over People in New Jersey – January 31, 2011

To States Trying to Lure Illinois Businesses: It’s Not Just the Tax Rates, Stupid – January 31, 2011

New Jersey Governor Passes Up $6 Billion in Funds for Subway Tunnel — to Save the State $2.7 Billion – October 8, 2010

New Jersey Governor and CTJ Find (Rare) Agreement on Homebuyer Tax Credit – August 6, 2010

Can New Jersey Cap Hypocrisy on Taxes? – June 25, 2010

Drama with State Film Tax Credits: Propaganda, Criminal Charges, and Sitcom Stars Make Headlines – June 18, 2010

New Jersey Lawmakers to Attempt to Override Governor’s Veto of Millionaire’s Tax – June 18, 2010


John Kasich

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“Nine-term congressman and current Ohio Gov. John Kasich has received  accolades for his perceived position as the “moderate” or “compassionate” candidate in the 2016 GOP presidential race. It’s true that he embraced a few policies benefiting low-income families, notably the expansion of Medicaid, but a handful of progressive policies do not a moderate make. The bulk of Kasich’s economic agenda as a governor and former congressman has been pursuing tax cuts for the wealthy and increasing taxes on low- and middle-income families. “

Although He Left out Key Details, It’s Clear Kasich’s Tax Plan Is a Deficit-Busting Giveaway to the Wealthy – October 15, 2015

John’s Kasich’s Uncompassionate Conservatism – August 5, 2015

Gov. Kasich Is a ‘Compassionate’ Tax-Cut-for-the-Rich Conservative – July 21, 2015

Fiscal Shell Game: Lawmakers Proposing Tax Shift Plans To Dupe the Public – February 19, 2015

Gov. Kasich’s Tax Proposal Promises to Make Ohio’s Tax System Less Fair – February 11, 2015

Ohio’s Affluent are Big Beneficiaries of the 2013-2014 Tax Changes – October 31, 2014

Putting a Face to the Numbers – October 23, 2014

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Income Tax Plan Fails Reality Test – October 7, 2014

Tax Policy and the Race for the Governor’s Mansion: Ohio Edition – September 12, 2014

Cumulative Impact of Ohio Tax Changes Revealed – August 27, 2014

Out-of-Step – August 26, 2014

The Great Ohio Tax Shift – August 18, 2014

Buckeye State Tax Policy in the News – July 9, 2014

Cuts and Breaks – July 2, 2014

Ohio Tax Cuts Would Disproportionately Benefit Top 1 Percent – May 29, 2014

Income-Tax Repeal: A Bad Deal for Ohio – April 28, 2014

Problems with Ohio EITC: It’s not refundable, it has a cap, and it’s too low – April 3, 2014

Big News in Ohio: Governor’s Unfair Tax Cut Plan Unveiled – March 21, 2014

Kasich Tax Plan: Advantage, Top 1 Percent – March 14, 2014

Either Way – Reducing Ohio’s Top Income Tax Rate to 4 or 5 Percent is a Bad Idea – February 19, 2014

Cutting taxes doesn’t help Ohio economy – February 18, 2014

Income-tax cut would favor well-to-do – February 13, 2014

Will Ohio Medicaid Savings End Up as Tax Cut for the Rich? – November 13, 2013

Another Ohio tax cut for the affluent – October 29, 2013

A Credit that counts – October 21, 2013

Bad Budgets Become Law in Ohio and Wisconsin – July 1, 2013

Tax plan still rewards affluent, leaves some of poorest Ohioans paying more – June 26, 2013

New plan would cut taxes $6,000 a year on average for Ohio’s most affluent – June 25, 2013

Income-tax cut would favor affluent Ohioans- Middle-income residents on average would get $51 a year – April 22, 2013

Kasich tax proposal would further tilt tax system in favor of Ohio’s affluent – February 7, 2013

Voters Asked to Make Up Local Revenues States Stopped Providing – November 2, 2012

Income-tax cut would favor affluent; Middle-class Ohioans wouldn’t get enough for a tank of gas – March 19, 2012

Bad Idea in Ohio: Pay For Income Tax Cut with a Fracking Tax – March 15, 2012

Cuts Are the Wrong Answer, Governor Kasich; Here’s a Better One – February 10, 2012

Ohio Estate Tax in Peril – June 2, 2011

Trouble Brewing in Ohio – March 18, 2011

Analysis finds that cutting Ohio’s tax on capital gains would be costly, 92% of Ohioans would get nothing – March 14, 2011

Ohio Governor: Get Mojo Back by Slashing Taxes for Wealthy Investors – February 11, 2011

Two States Turning Their Back on Federal Stimulus Dollars; Another Stands Ready to Take the Money – November 19, 2010


Scott Walker

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“After his 2011 election, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker aggressively pursued and helped pass a series of tax cuts in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015. His policies pushed the state into bad fiscal straits and there is no evidence that tax changes enacted under his leadership have had the positive impact on the state’s economy that he promised. In addition, Gov. Walker has hinted that he favors repealing state and federal income taxes, a move that would make the tax system substantially more regressive.”

Scott Walker’s Tax-Cut-Driven Economic Plan – July 28, 2015

The Realities of Governing Will Put Candidates’ Anti-Tax Rhetoric to the Test – November 6, 2014

Tax Shifts Would Cut Taxes for Richest, Raise Taxes on Others – October 15, 2014

Tax Policy and the Race for the Governor’s Mansion: Wisconsin Edition – July 14, 2014


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