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The collective investments the taxes we all pay allow us to make in our communities, our states and country.  Whether it’s providing public education, clean air and water, well-connected road and public transit systems, safe streets, affordable health care, or income supports for working families, taxes make a difference in all of our lives every day.  Our society is the product of generations of public investments that serve the common good.

That voters in so many states acted with an eye toward the future this November.  Michiganders rejected a constitutional amendment that would have made tax reform all but impossible.  Floridians opted not to strangle further revenue growth with a “TABOR” amendment.  New Hampshirites left the door open to a fairer tax system by not prohibiting any future tax on earned income. Oregonians decided to retain their estate tax and end the practice of giving corporations their taxes back when revenue growth is unexpectedly strong.  And Californians made an investment in their future by enacting a progressive revenue-raising package. And that nationally, we saw something of a watershed when Americans decided that after decades of tax cuts, it’s time to start restoring some revenues.

That the earned income tax credit (EITC) is offered on the federal level, and that many states have followed in the federal government’s footsteps and adopted their own credit. Offering the EITC is an indication that policymakers of all political persuasions realize that Americans who work and pay taxes but still live at or near the poverty level are deserving of tax relief.

And of course, for our supporters and friends across the country – and around the globe – who make our work possible. We wish all of you, our readers, donors, friends and Tweeps, a very happy Thanksgiving!