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Updated 3/10/2015

On Saturday morning, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Representive Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Over the past eight years, Citizens for Tax Justice has crunched the numbers and provided in-depth analysis on the succession of regressive budget plans proposed by Rep. Ryan as the former Ranking Member, and current chairman, of the House Budget Committee.

Below is a roundup of our reports and commentary on Rep. Ryan’s current and past budget plans:

Another Ryan Budget Gives Millionaires Average Tax Cut of At Least $200,000 – April 2, 2014

Paul Ryan’s Latest Budget Plan Would Give Millionaires a Tax Cut of $200,000 or More – March 13, 2013

Top GOP Tax-Writer Proposes Fast-Track for Ryan Plan Tax Changes, Giving Millionaires Average Tax Cut of at Least $187,000 in 2014
July 26, 2012

Starving the Census in the House GOP Budget: Penny Wise, and Dumb
May 14, 2012

Ryan Budget Plan Would Cut Income Taxes for Millionaires by at Least $187,000 Annually and Facilitate Corporate Tax Avoidance
March 22, 2012

CTJ Figures Used in Budget Debate Show Ryan Plan Would Give Huge Tax Cut to Millionaires
May 26, 2011

Obama Blasts Ryan Budget Plan
April 15, 2011

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s Goal Is to Shrink Government, Not the Deficit
April 8, 2011

Rep. Ryan’s House GOP Budget Plan: Federal Government Would Collect $2 Trillion Less Over a Decade and Yet Require Bottom 90 Percent to Pay Higher Taxes
– March 9, 2010

Update on House GOP Budget Plan
– April 2, 2009

House GOP Leaders’ Budget Plan: Poor Pay More and Rich Pay Less Under Plan that Costs $300 Billion More Annually than President’s Plan
– March 27, 2009

House GOP Tax and Entitlement Plan Would Raise Taxes on Four Fifths of Americans While Slashing Taxes on the Wealthy
– July 7, 2008

House GOP Pins Comeback Hopes on Social Security Privatization, Dismantling Medicare, and Slashing Public Services
May 23, 2008

Republicans Call for Replacing Alternative Minimum Tax with Alternative Maximum Tax
– October 12, 2007