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Will Michigan Cut Its EITC to Help Pay for Tax Cuts for Businesses?

February 11, 2011 02:20 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | The battle pitting Michigan’s low-income families against big business is heating up.  Governor Rick Snyder is unabashedly supporting an elimination of the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help pay for his $1.5 billion annual cut in state business taxes.  […]

U.S. Corporations Are Paying Even Less in Taxes than Recently Reported

February 4, 2011 01:30 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | There’s been a lot of talk lately about how much U.S. corporations actually pay in federal income taxes, and a lot of it has been wrong. This is not surprising, since corporations go to a lot of trouble to obscure what […]

Anti-Tax Lawmakers Look to Cement Their Legacy

February 4, 2011 01:29 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | In some states, huge budget gaps are making it somewhat difficult to enact the types of large, immediate tax cuts that many lawmakers promised during their political campaigns last year.  Partially as a result, anti-tax lawmakers are increasingly looking toward the […]

Will New York Extend Its High-Income Tax Surcharge?

February 4, 2011 01:28 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | It looks very likely that the question of whether or not to extend a temporary income tax surcharge on New York’s wealthiest households will be a contentious issue as the budget process moves forward in the state. New York Governor Andrew […]

Georgia's Tax Reform Council Practically Begs for Grover Norquist's Support by Promising Not to Raise Enough Revenue

February 4, 2011 01:26 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | In a recent op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sarah Beth Gehl of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute makes the case that the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness hit a triple when they came out with their policy […]

South Dakota: Sales Tax on Food Debate Heats Up

February 4, 2011 01:24 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | Low-income tax credits and rebates are one of the most effective ways that lawmakers can reduce poverty through the tax code. The proliferation of state Earned Income Tax Credits attests to policymakers’ growing awareness of this. But these rebates can be […]

What Would the World Look Like If the Tea Party Was In Charge? Look to Nassau County

February 4, 2011 01:23 PM By Richard Phillips, Senior Policy Analyst at ITEP | Permalink | Some Americans respond positively to the anti-tax message of the Tea Party, but is anyone willing to accept the cuts in public services that must logically follow? The Tea Party has been specific about cutting taxes but vague about […]

New Resources

February 4, 2011 01:22 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | A new website, Oregon Open for Business, was launched this week to help dismiss claims that Oregon’s recent voter-approved tax increases are driving corporations away from the state.  The website tracks the numerous businesses, including Google, Facebook, Genentech, IBM and Subaru, […]

Work for CTJ & ITEP

February 4, 2011 01:21 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and Citizens for Tax Justice are seeking an experienced and mission-driven Communications Director to help us articulate and amplify our voice on federal and state tax issues.  The CTJ/ITEP Communications Director will develop and […]

CTJ Responds to State of the Union Address

January 31, 2011 02:42 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | During his State of the Union Address last week, President Obama called on Congress to “get rid of the loopholes” in the corporate tax and “use the savings to lower the corporate tax rate for the first time in 25 years […]

Bright Spots for Tax Policy from States with Good Ideas

January 31, 2011 02:40 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | Governors are in the midst of crafting their budget proposals for next year, and many state leaders continue to grapple with historic budget shortfalls due to lagging revenue recovery and a high demand for public services.  In 2009 and 2010, most […]

A Tale of Two Tax Commissions: Georgia vs. Vermont

January 21, 2011 03:07 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | In recent weeks, tax commissions in Georgia and Vermont issued reports recommending a major overhaul of their states’ tax systems.  The recommendations share many things in common, including sensible proposals to broaden the bases of major taxes and to make the […]

Bad and Less Bad: Business Tax Cuts vs. Grocery Tax Cuts

January 21, 2011 03:01 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | Some politicians in state capitals across the U.S. seem convinced that tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy are the best way to accelerate economic recovery. In two states, governors are proposing instead to cut taxes on groceries, which is a […]

Flood of Bad Tax Ideas Coming from the States

January 14, 2011 02:18 PM By Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy Staff | Permalink | Ill-conceived tax ideas are coming out of statehouses and governors’ mansions at a faster rate than we’ve seen in quite a while.  Here’s a quick summary on recent proposals receiving serious consideration in Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, […]

Governor Jerry Brown Enters California's Budget Battle

January 14, 2011 02:13 PM By Citizens for Tax Justice Staff | Permalink | This week, California Governor Jerry Brown recommended a five-year extension of temporary tax increases first enacted in 2009 and a reduction of a corporate tax break to help close a budget shortfall of more than $26 billion over the current and […]