How State Tax Policy Can Mitigate Poverty/Income Inequality
The U.S. Census next week will release new data on poverty and household income. ITEP staff has produced recent policy briefs that make the connection between state tax policy and poverty. Read more

Should the Public Pay a Few Thousand or $658,000 to Create One Job?
In a guest blog for, Good Jobs First Executive Director Greg LeRoy discusses his organization’s recent report, which finds that public investments in workforce development programs provide a bigger bang for taxpayers’ bucks than corporate subsidies and tax credits. Read more

A Growing Number of States Face Revenue Challenges
In this week’s ITEP State Rundown, analysts outline how a growing number of states are struggling to make ends meet and notes what, if anything, they are proposing to do about it. Read more


Apple Inc. Doesn’t Fall Too Far from the Tree
The late August news that the European Commission ordered Apple to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes to the Irish government once again brought the tech giant’s tax avoidance to the forefront. ITEP’s Matt Gardner, who spends a lot of time examining at Fortune 500 corporations’ financial disclosures, says the $14.5 billion in back taxes are a fraction of the story. He also took umbrage with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s corporate spin that attempted to portray Apple as a victim. Read his piece, How Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes Data Crunchers Appreciate the Power of Words. And, finally, writing for The Guardian, Gardner stated that the United States should take a page from the EC’s book and crack down on corporate tax avoidance.

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