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In the Tax Justice Digest we recap the latest reports, blog posts, and analyses from Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been working on lately. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan Today Released a Proposal to Gut the Progressivity of the Federal Tax Code

In response to Speaker Ryan’s tax reform blueprint, CTJ Director Bob McIntyre released this statement discussing the harmful impact of the Speaker’s plan on tax fairness.

Donald Trump’s Nonsense Rhetorical Appeal to Bernie Sanders Supporters

In this post, CTJ Director Bob McIntyre highlights CTJ analyses of Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ tax plans to demonstrate the stark economic policy differences between the two.  

Would Ubiquitous Toll Roads Be Better Than a Gas Tax?

Next week California will launch an experiment to determine whether the state could repeal the gas tax and instead charge motorists for each mile they drive – essentially turning every public road into a toll road. ITEP research director Carl Davis weighs in.

West Virginia Legislative Session Wraps Up With Disappointment

West Virginia lawmakers closed their 17-day special session last week after agreeing on a budget bill, but lawmakers missed an opportunity to pass substantial reform. ITEP Senior Analyst Aidan Russell Davis describes the compromises made this year.  

State Rundown

In this week’s Rundown we highlight state tax news in Alaska, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Read the Rundown and check out our new “What We’re Reading” section here.


CTJ Director Bob McIntyre penned a CNN.com op-ed that describes how Donald Trump and other wealthy real estate developers can exploit tax loopholes to pay little or no tax.

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