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In the Tax Justice Digest we recap the latest reports, blog posts, and analyses from Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been working on lately. 

Millionaire Migration Myth Debunked for Good?

A new study provides the best evidence yet that progressive state income taxes are not leading to any meaningful amount of “tax flight” among top earners. Read ITEP research director Carl Davis’ full analysis of this important study here.

Google and Tax Avoidance

How does Google’s restructuring open the door to tax avoidance? Through some creative accounting and “Delaware Alphabet Soup.” We explain all the details here.

Corporate Tax Watch: Icahn Enterprises, Airbnb and Coca Cola Enterprises

Read this edition of Corporate Tax Watch to see how tax reform could benefit Carl Icahn, more on the taxes Airbnb may (or may not) be paying, and how earnings stripping is impacting Coca Cola’s bottom line.

The Nation’s Most Irrational State Tax Break Falls Out of Favor

ITEP research director Carl Davis writes that the state income tax deduction for state income taxes paid is losing favor in the handful of states that offer this bizarre and circular deduction. Davis writes that Oklahoma’s deduction is on the chopping block; and rightfully so given that its mere existence was a legislative accident. Read the full post here.

State Rundown: Bad Ideas, Worse Budgets

This week’s state tax policy rundown focuses on tax happenings in Kansas, New York, Minnesota, Tennessee and Massachusetts. Read the full Rundown.

ICYMI: Dana Milbank’s recent column in the Washington Post raised some serious questions about why Donald Trump may not be releasing his tax returns. CTJ Director Bob McIntyre told Milbank he’d “be shocked if he (Trump) isn’t pretty much writing off his whole life.” Read Milbank’s full column.

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