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Defending the Estate Tax
Both President-elect Trump and congressional Republicans have proposed major tax cut plans, and one of the many areas where the two plans agree is repealing the estate tax. Such legislation would widen wealth inequality and persistent deficits. Read ITEP’s new reportThe Federal Estate Tax: A Critical and Highly Progressive Revenue Source to understand the importance of the estate tax or read our summary blog post if you are short on time.

ICYMI: 3 Lessons about Tax Policy from the Star Wars Universe
Even in the universe of Jedi, Death Stars and Ewoks, tax policy plays a surprisingly important role in driving the events of the day. In anticipation of the release of the newest Star Wars movie, we just wanted to share once again some of the little-known tax policy lessons from the Star Wars universe. Read the full blog post.


Rise Up Kansas Coalition Calls for Comprehensive Tax Policy Reform
The “Rise Up Kansas” coalition includes advocacy organizations representing educators, transportation contractors, state employees, early childhood providers, and tax policy experts who want to see an end to the state’s budget crises and tax policies that benefit the few at the expense of critical public investments. To read more on the coalition efforts check out ITEP’s Lisa Christensen Gee’s blog post.

State Rundown: An Upheld “Amazon tax” Law and an Emphasis on Revenue
This week we are bringing you news about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Colorado’s “Amazon tax” law, another look at a vehicle miles traveled tax in Massachusetts, possible tax reform proposals in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, and emphasis on the need for tax revenue in Arizona, Ohio, and Wyoming. Read the full Rundown.

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