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In the Tax Justice Digest we recap the latest reports, blog posts, and analyses from Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been working on lately.

The 411 on the 2016 Democratic Party Platform

Much has been made of the Democrats’ platform. CTJ staff took a look and concluded that the platform represents a “meaningful victory for progressives.” For our full analysis click here.

Tim Kaine’s Record: Largely Progressive With Some Bumps Along the Way

Hillary Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine is a sitting senator and former Virginia governor. CTJ took a look at his tax record and concluded that while he has supported progressive tax reform efforts, he’s occasionally taken stances that are at odds with those efforts. Here’s CTJ’s full look at Sen. Kaine’s tax record.

Sales Taxes Should Apply to Services, but Politics Keeps Getting in the Way

ITEP research director Carl Davis writes that loopholes in most state sales tax codes that exempt services like haircuts, carpet cleaning, massages, and swimming pool maintenance make sales taxes less adequate, less sustainable, and less fair. Read Carl’s blog post and find links to ITEP’s latest policy brief on the issue here.

State Rundown Stalemates and Tax Cut Talk

This week’s Rundown features an ongoing stalemate in New Jersey, talk of new tax cuts in Arkansas, “tampon taxes,” and the taxation of fantasy sports. Be sure to check out the What We’re Reading section for new research on public attitudes toward tax and budget issues.

Read the Rundown here.

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