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Tax Policy, Chickens, and Accounting Tricks
The Cayman Islands has a $3 billion economy, yet U.S. multinationals claim they earn $51 billion there annually. ITEP’s Executive Director Matt Gardner recently visited the island as part of a BBC2 documentary.  Read about his experience in the notorious tax haven and watch a clip of the documentary.

Surveying Gas Taxes: Two Updated Resources
Did you know that the federal government hasn’t raised the gas tax in 22 years? (Next week look for President Obama to propose a new $10 per barrel tax on crude oil.)  Lawmakers in some states have been more eager to enact reforms. ITEP’s Research Director, Carl Davis took a close look at state gas taxes in two new updated policy briefs.

2016 State Tax Policy Trends:
Budget Surpluses and Misguided Economics Drive Calls for Tax Cuts
This week ITEP Senior Analyst Dylan Grundman took a careful look at the many states that are debating whether to cut taxes because of a budget “surplus.” This is part two in our seven-part series on 2016 state tax policy trends.

States Considering Raising Revenue in Both Big and Small Ways
ITEP State Tax Policy Director Meg Wiehe gets us up to speed on the more than 16 states that are considering raising revenue this year. This is part three in our seven-part series on state tax policy trends.  

State Tax Rundown:This week’s State Rundowns examine developments in IdahoIndianaKansasNew YorkOhioOklahomaOregon, Kansas, and Indiana. ITEP also provides a helpful listing of State of the State addresses that happened this week. Read our Rundowns here.

Shareable Tax Analysis: 

ICYMI: ITEP’s Research Director, Carl Davis offered his insights to the Vermont Senate Committee on Finance about how best to evaluate tax expenditures. Here’s what he had to say about this often overlooked component of tax codes. 

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