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Read the Tax Justice Digest for recent reports, posts, and analyses from Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

Happy Holidays! We wish you and yours a cookie filled and relaxing end to your 2015. Sit back and take a deep breath, we’ve got a jammed packed Tax Justice Digest for you this week:

Extenders Bill Passes

Late last week Congress passed the extenders bill – a package of legislation mostly made up of tax breaks for businesses that have actually already expired. Citizens for Tax Justice weighed in on the package and urged lawmakers to reject the deficit-financed $690 billion tax cut deal.

Apple CEO Gets It Wrong on Tax Avoidance
This week the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy weighed in on Tim Cook’s 60 Minutes interview in which he responds to questions about the company’s history of tax avoidance by saying that raising the issue is simply “political crap.”

Inquiring Minds….   
Ever wonder how CTJ analyzes tax proposals? This post about ITEP’s microsimulation tax model should help answer your questions.

Our Gifts to You: 8 Book Recommendations and Tax Wars
We are a wonky bunch during work hours, but after hours and on weekends we go crazy and read some pretty entertaining books. Here’s a list of 8 books we read this year that we recommend. Enjoy.

The new Star Wars movie is getting rave reviews (our staff who saw it enjoyed it too). Here’s our take on Star Wars and taxes. We call it Tax Wars.  

State News

Looking Back on 2015: This year states enacted a mix of tax policy changes—some good and some bad.  But there were more than a few bright spots worth highlighting.  Here are five tax policy trends from 2015 that we hope will keep on giving into the new year.

Predictions for 2016: As the year comes to a close, several tax bills are already being debated in states across the country. In the new year we will write more about state tax policy trends for 2016, but in the meantime, here are some of the big state tax policy developments happening now.

Shareable Tax Analysis:

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