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The tax extenders making their way through Congress would cut federal revenue below the level proposed in Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget. This once again demonstrates that anything goes when it comes to providing tax breaks for corporations.

As CTJ explained in its report last week, the Ryan plan includes huge tax cuts for the very rich. But Ryan nonetheless proposes to eliminate unspecified tax breaks to offset the costs and thus collect the same amount of revenue as current law.

The tax extenders, on the other hand, would cut revenue, and increase the deficit, by $700 billion over the coming decade if Congress continues its practice of extending these breaks every couple of years or makes them permanent.

Even organizations not particularly known for progressive positions have pointed out this fact and how it damages the fiscal outlook that lawmakers claim to care about whenever they are discussing domestic spending.

CTJ has explained that the tax breaks that make up the bulk of the “tax extenders” do not provide any economic benefits that would justify the increase in the budget deficit that would result.

We have called the “tax extenders” the biggest budget buster many have never heard of. Fortunately, more and more people are publicly decrying this giveaway to corporations.

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