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The Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute’s #proudtopay Twitter campaign gives people a chance to voice their support for the public services made possible by paying taxes.

Wade Gibson from Connecticut Voices for Children reminds us in this op-ed that taxes do a lot of good – even making Easter travel easier.

Michigan League for Human Services president, Gilda Jacobs, writes in The Detroit News about how public services benefit her personally, and why she’s proud to pay the taxes that fund those services.

Together NC, North Carolina’s broad revenue coalition, wants you to spend some time today watching two videos: “A Day without Government” and another highlighting Russell, the public investment super hound.

There are at least ten reasons to like Ohio’s income tax. Read Policy Matters Ohio’s reasons here.

Oregon Center on Public Policy tells The Forgotten Tax Day Story here.

Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center has a whole tax day resource page including a petition to tell Pennsylvania lawmakers to close corporate tax loopholes and end special tax breaks before making harmful budget cuts.

Voices for Utah Children follows Sam the Eagle as he flies around the state highlighting the services taxes pay for.

The Wisconsin Budget Project answers the simple question “Who Pays Taxes?” in Wisconsin with an equally simple response (using ITEP data).