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This week we are bringing you news about taxpayer disapproval of stadium subsidies in Nevada, more pressure to reverse tax cuts in Kansas, a move in Missouri to narrow its sales tax base, and other state tax policy developments from across the country.  Thanks for reading the Rundown!

— Meg Wiehe, ITEP State Policy Director, @megwiehe

What We’re Reading…  

  • New Jersey Policy Perspective has released a report and short video chronicling the “Notorious Nine” fateful decisions beginning in the 1990s that brought the state down from economic powerhouse to fiscal mess. Step one for states looking to recreate the New Jersey disaster? Pass unaffordable, regressive income tax cuts.
  • A new academic paper examines ownership of pass-through businesses and how much taxes they pay, finding that pass-through income is more heavily concentrated among high-earners and that many of the ownership interests are unclassified or circularly owned.

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