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Undoing the Damage caused by TCJA (Testimony)

A look at flaws in the so-called Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and recommendations to undo the damage the law inflicted upon low- and moderate-income people, while rewarding corporations and the wealthy.

Corporations Are Extracting Wealth From the Economy

This paper argues that public firms are increasingly extractive and unproductive, that shareholders and managers are reducing investments in the things that grow the economy, and that workers, consumers, and the government are being scammed. All of this hurts shared prosperity.

State Tax Policy Can Address Income Inequality

This paper by the Institute for Policy Studies outlines how states can address poverty and inequality in spite of the federal tax law.

Putting Shareholder Profits Over Workers Hurts Workers

This paper explores how this precarious combination has lined the pockets of the elite at the expense of working people.

Washington is Catching Up with the American People

This ITEP report outlines seven options for Congress to enact progressive, revenue-raising tax policies that the public has long desired, including the enactment of a wealth tax and strengthening the estate tax.

The Invisibility of Unpaid Care Work

Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit to include family caregivers is one step toward ensuring tax policies recognize unpaid care work.

U.S. is Long Overdue for a Wealth Tax

The federal tax code taxes income derived from work at higher rates than income from wealth, e.g. capital gains and real estate investments. This paper from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth explores how the nation could implement a wealth tax and how such a tax could address economic inequality. Wealth taxation: An introduction to […]

How States Can Recoup $17 Billion Lost to Corporate Tax Havens

This report from Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, U.S. PIRG, and American Sustainable Business Council provides a roadmap for states to collect $17 billion lost annually to corporations stashing profits in tax havens. Report: A Simple Fix for a $17 Billion Loophole Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Jan. 17, 2019

Long-Term Trends and The Racial Wealth Gap

Black families have substantially less wealth than white families. This paper by the Institute for Policy Studies examines public policies that facilitated white families’ ability to grow wealth while impeding it for black families.