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Michael McIntyre, an international tax professor at Wayne State University, former consultant to the United Nations, OECD, and several governments, and the brother of CTJ director Robert McIntyre, passed away on August 14 at the age of 71.

An obituary published in Tax Notes allows Michael McIntyre’s colleagues, among them his brother, to share their thoughts:

“My older brother, Mike, was my mentor and best friend,” said Citizens for Tax Justice Director Robert McIntyre. “He’s the reason that I’ve spent my career in tax policy.”

“Over the past four decades, we collaborated on tax reform proposals that ran the gamut from international, to federal, to state and local, to American Indians. We were soul mates both in tax policy and in life,” Robert McIntyre said. “He made the world a better place, not just for me, the rest of his large extended family, and his many friends, but also for the countless people here in the U.S. and around the world who benefited from the tax policies he promoted.”

Michael McIntyre published a multitude of books and articles on a variety of tax topics. He served as a senior adviser to the Tax Justice Network (TJN) and was the editor of a Web page dedicated to taxation and policy issues for developing countries.

“Mike played a major role in shaping TJN’s research and advocacy programs,” said TJN Director John Christensen.

“He has been a trenchant critic of the OECD’s dismal lack of progress over umpteen decades, while setting out a cogent case for more radical reform, especially in the direction of combined reporting,” said Christensen. “Mike gave his time and expertise generously, and he’ll be remembered fondly for his permanent smile and constant good humor.”

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