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The debate over corporate tax reform is not just about whether corporations overall should pay more, less, or the same as they do now. There is also a debate over how the offshore profits of U.S. corporations should be treated.

Corporate leaders want their offshore profits to be exempt from U.S. taxes. Some corporate leaders hope for a permanent exemption (which would turn our tax system into a “territorial” tax system).

Other corporate leaders, perhaps realizing that the American public would not be receptive to this idea, are hoping they can prod Congress to exempt their offshore profits on a temporary basis. This is basically the goal of a “repatriation holiday,” a temporary tax break for offshore corporate profits that are brought back to the U.S.

I can sync my iPhone to my MacBook. Why can’t I sync it to my Values?

One corporation lobbying in favor of a repatriation holiday is Apple, which is being targeted by protests in major cities around the U.S. on June 4. The demonstrations, organized by US Uncut, will ask Apple to leave the coalition lobbying for a repatriation holiday.

Find Apple protests in your city, or the information you need to organize your own protest against Apple, on US Uncut’s Apple page.