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House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today appointed members to fill the three seats allotted to her for the 12-member “super committee” created under the recent debt deal.

Last December, all three voted against the “compromise” that extended the Bush tax cuts entirely, even for the richest Americans, for two years. All three also received high scores from CTJ’s legislative report card during the previous administration for opposing President George W. Bush’s regressive tax cuts.

Pelosi’s appointees are Xavier Becerra of California, James Clyburn of South Carolina, and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland.

This move by Pelosi provides needed reassurance to advocates of tax fairness. The six Republican members of the super committee have all taken Grover Norquist’s infamous “no new taxes” pledge. The Senate Democrats appointed to the committee have a more mixed record on taxes (see related post.)

Photo via Campus Progress Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0