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Lawmakers and officials in the Obama administration are discussing plans to reform the corporate tax in a way that is “revenue-neutral,” meaning we would not collect any more tax revenue from corporations overall than we do today. In other words, while Congress is debating cuts in public services that working families rely on, there would be no attempt to get corporations to contribute more.

Organizations are invited to sign a letter urging Congress to take a very different approach. Congress should repeal corporate tax subsidies as a way to help reduce our budget deficit and protect public investments that create the healthy, educated workforce and sound infrastructure that will make our nation competitive.

See a PDF of the letter with the list of organizations currently signed on.

The deadline to join the letter is May 16, 5:00 p.m. EST.

Sign Letter on Behalf of Your Organization (do not sign if you are not authorized to do so on behalf of an organization)
Send Your Lawmakers a Letter on Your Own Behalf

For more detailed information, see the following:

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