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On Wednesday, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) unveiled “ALEC Exposed,” a new website showing how corporations and right-wing politicians have partnered through ALEC to spread anti-tax legislation and other damaging bills.  The website includes over 800 model bills released for the first time by CMD.  

As CMD points out in their press release:

“ALEC has become the premier institution for crafting and promoting model legislation and resolutions that largely benefit its corporate members. Until today, it has been difficult to trace the controversial and oddly uniform bills popping up in legislatures across the country directly to ALEC.  The public can now examine the array of ALEC model bills for the first time and link them to bills being introduced in their own state house.”

Notably, this new tool comes exactly one week after we tore apart one ALEC report purporting to measure states’ economic competitiveness.