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In news that will warm the hearts of tax justice advocates across the country, Missouri voters in Kansas City and St. Louis overwhelmingly approved ballot initiatives to keep their 1 percent local earnings taxes.

This is a huge blow to wealthy campaign financier Rex Sinquefield, who bankrolled the campaign against these taxes. The St. Louis earnings tax passed with 88 percent of the vote and Kansas City voters approved the tax by a 3-to-1 margin. It’s not every day folks so clearly come out and voice their support for taxes and the vital services they fund.

Mayors of both cities appeared to be gleeful following the election results. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said, “I was confident that the people of St. Louis would do the right thing for the future of the city if they were armed with the facts. Regardless of what anyone thought of the earnings tax, it would have been irresponsible to get rid of it without a viable alternative to replace it.”

Kansas City, Mayor-elect Sly James said, “It means that this city is going to continue to try and become as efficient as possible, but we’re not going to have to do it with one hand tied behind our backs.”