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CTJ’s Steve Wamhoff contributes a bit of persuasive writing to US News & World Report‘s Debate Club feature this week. The question before the debaters: Should Mitt Romney Pay More Taxes?

Wamhoff writes, “The revelation that Mitt Romney received an income of $21 million in 2010 and paid just 13.9 percent of that in federal income taxes has highlighted an enormous problem in our tax code. Income from investments (or income that is manipulated to appear to come from investments) is taxed at lower rates than income from work. And this is a huge benefit for the rich…. Warren Buffett is right. People like him, and Mitt Romney, should pay more to support the society that made their fabulous fortunes possible.”

Read the whole piece here, and then vote for us and against the tired old supply side arguments the experts from American Enterprise Institute and the Club for Growth are offering.

Photo of Mitt Romney via Gage Skidmore Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0