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After CTJ released its report last week criticizing the President’s corporate tax reform “framework” for not raising revenue and leaving key questions unanswered, CTJ staff spent a couple days speaking out about the framework.

Bob McIntyre, CTJ’s director, explained on Reuters TV why corporate tax reform is needed, how GE, Google and other companies get unwarranted breaks and why the President needs a better plan.

Rebecca Wilkins, CTJ’s Senior Counsel for federal tax policy, spoke on C-SPAN about the President’s framework and the need for real reform. Wilkins said that “the administration is leaving a lot of money on the table, and we think there’s a lot of room to raise revenue from corporate tax reform.”

Steve Wamhoff, CTJ’s Legislative Director, wrote in U.S. News and World Report’s “Debate Club” that the President’s framework “does not include what should be the main goal of reform—raising revenue to fund public investments and address the budget deficit.”