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Testimony of CTJ Director Robert S McIntyre Before California Commission on the 21st Century Economy

New Research Shows Wal-Mart Rigs the Tax System to Skip Out on $2.3 Billion in State Taxes 

Hard Choices: Revenue-Raising Options for Alaska

Options for Restructuring Arizona Taxes

Revenue-Raising Options for Missouri

Maryland Tax Options in 2003

Choices for Iowa: Building a Better Tax System
Tyson Slocum, Robert G. Lynch, Michael P. Ettlinger, Matthew W. Gardner

Tax Strategies for a Strong Minnesota
Michael P. Ettlinger, Tyson Slocum, Robert G. Lynch

Building A Better Arkansas Tax System: Evaluating the Options
Robert S. McIntyre, Michael P. Ettlinger, Robert G. Lynch

Minnesota Tax Expenditures. Statement of Michael Ettlinger Before Minnesota's Corporate Subsidy Reform Commission.
May 11, 1998

CTJ Testimony Concerning Interstate Competition. Statement of Michael Ettlinger before Pennsylvania's Task Force on Interstate Competition.
September 25, 1997

Choices for Texas. An Analysis of the Provisions of the 1997 House and Senate Tax Plans.
May 15, 1997 Analysis HTML

Maine Tax Reform Options. Statement of Michael Ettlinger Before Maine's Joint Standing Committee on Taxation.
March 6, 1997

Maryland Personal Income Tax Proposals. Statement of Michael Ettlinger.
February 19, 1997

Statement of Robert S. McIntyre Before the Special Joint House Committee on Competive Taxation and Economic Development of the Maryland House of Delegates.
December 11, 1996

Senate Bill 640 a Good Deal For Marylanders.
March 15, 1996

Who Pays?: A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems of All 50 States
Michael P. Ettlinger, John F. O'Hare, Robert S. McIntyre, Julie King, Neil Miransky and Elizabeth A. Fray

Tax Loss Mandates: The Impact of the House-Passed "Contract" Capital Gains & Depreciation Tax Changes on Tax Revenues in the States

Proposal "A" Would Make Michigan's Unfair Tax System Worse.
May 19, 1993.

Testimony of Douglas P. Kelly before the House Committee on Taxation Regarding the Effects of Governor Engler's Education Reform Tax Package.
October 15, 1993.

Taxes: Give State's Voters a Real Choice. Douglas Kelly, The Detroit News
October 28, 1993.

CTJ's Guide to Fair State & Local Tax Policy,
Michael P. Ettlinger, Douglas P. Kelly, Elizabeth A. Fray, Robert S. McIntyre

INEquity: Indiana's Unfair Tax System & How to Fix It
(January 1993)

How Taxes Affect Elections: The Politics of Paying for Government
Michael P. Ettlinger, Elizabeth A. Fray, Robert S. McIntyre, Ginger Hausser, Russell Bogart, Betsy Erbaugh, Gary Grant, Cecily Jackson

"Conventional" Anti-Tax Wisdom is Dead Wrong; Tax Hikes Aren't Political Poison-At Least Not Most of the Time.
July 29, 1992.

Analysis of New Jersey Tax Proposal.
June 25, 1992.

[Connecticut] Middle-Class Tax Relief Act Would Cut State Taxes for Middle-Income Families. Rich Would Pay More Than Now--But Still Less Than Others
April 29, 1992.

Mass Inequity: The Massachusetts Tax System & Prospects for Reform
Michael P. Ettlinger, Elizabeth A. Fray, Robert S. McIntyre, Douglas P. Kelly

Federal Tax Action Could Cost States $26 Billion.
November 17, 1995.

Time for a Better Deal: Fixing Mississippi's Unfair Tax System
Michael P. Ettlinger, Robert S. McIntyre, Douglas P. Kelly
March 1992

Rich Escape Paying Fair Share in Mississippi Taxes; Unfairness Blamed for Revenue Shortfall.
August 9, 1992.

Deep Blues in the Ocean State: Inequity & Rhode Island's Fiscal Crisis
Michael P. Ettlinger, Elizabeth A. Fray, Robert S. McIntyre, Scott Nova, Tom Sgouros, Richard P. McIntyre
February 1992

Tax Changes in the States. A state by state record of all changes in the tax laws for 1992, CTJ fact sheet, Elizabeth Fray.

Falling Short: Florida's Unfair Tax System
Michael P. Ettlinger, Douglas P. Kelly, Elizabeth A .Fray, Robert S. McIntyre
October 1991.

Burr Flat-Rate Tax Would Soak North Carolina's Middle Class. October 25, 1994.

CTJ Analyzes Governor's Tax Plan: Whitman Tax Break Plan: "A Giveaway to the Rich." February 16, 1994.

[Michigan] PA 145 Threatens Schools & Middle-Income Families; CTJ Offers Guidelines for Replacement Revenues. September 2, 1993.

The New Jersey Tax System: It's Broken, Here's How to Fix It (1990)
Price: $15.00 - CTJ Members: $5.00

Testimony Regarding Corporate Tax Disclosure in Connecticut. 3/9/93.

Testimony of Michael P. Ettlinger before the New York State Assembly Committee on Ways and Means. 3/4/92.

Paying for Better Education In Montana. (1989)
Price: $10.00 - CTJ Members: $4.00

Statement of Robert S. McIntyre Before the Rhode Island Commission to Study the Tax Structure. 10/16/91.

Governor Glendening's (Maryland) Unfair Tax Plan. Robert S. McIntyre, The Washington Post, 1/20/97

GOP Contract's Capital Gains & Corporate Tax Cut Provisions Could Cost New York State More than $1 Billion a Year in Revenues. January 24, 1995.

Testimony of Douglas P. Kelly before the House Democratic Education Task Force Regarding the Impact of PA 145 on Michigan and Guidelines for Replacing the Lost Revenue. September 17, 1993.

Statement of Robert S. McIntyre and Michael P. Ettlinger to the Chairman and Members of the Massachusetts Special Commission on Business Tax Policy. June 27, 1993.