On the News With Thom Hartmann: Workers Pick Up the Bill if Corporations Don't Pay Their Fair Share, and More

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You need to know this. There's another audio tape Mitt Romney doesn't want you to hear. In the last few weeks – several corporate CEOs have been exposed for encouraging their employees to vote for Mitt Romney – and warning them that should Barack Obama win re-election, then they might lose their jobs. Billionaire CEO of Westgate Resorts – David Siegel wrote a mass email to his employees saying that during a Obama second-term, he will, "have no choice but to reduce the size of his company." Similar emails have been sent out within the Koch brothers Georgia Pacific Corporation – and Ohio's Murray Energy company. Now, we know where all of this may have started. As labor journalist Mike Elk with In These Times reports – during a June 2012 conference call with the National Federation of Independent Businesses – Mitt Romney told employers that they should make it clear to their employees who to vote for in this election. As Romney said, "I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise, and therefore their job and their future, in the upcoming elections...Nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business." One of the consequences of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision is that employers now have a lot more freedom to compel workers to vote in a certain way. So not only can corporate plutocrats spend as much money as they'd like to help Mitt Romney – but they can also enlist their employees to be Romney campaign foot soldiers. And Mitt Romney is pushing the ploy. In this post-Citizens United world – the wealthy have seen their free speech rights expanded, while working people have seen their free speech rights restricted. This radical ruling needs to be overturned to stop Mitt Romney and the plutocrats' power grab. Go to MoveToAmend.org.

In screwed news...Corporations not paying their fair share in taxes mean workers have to pick up the bill. A new study by Citizens for Tax Justice finds that the federal government lost more than $430 billion in revenue from corporations hiding their profits overseas. Corporate profits stashed overseas are not subject to our nation's corporate tax rate. Currently – more than $1.5 trillion in corporate profits are stashed away. And looking at more than 280 corporations on the Fortune 500 that hide their profits overseas, Citizens for Tax Justice found that if these companies all brought their profits back to America – and paid on average a 27% corporate tax rate – then the United States government would collect $433 billion more in revenue every single year. That's nearly half the size of our current budget deficit. Theseguys aren't patriots – they're corporate predators who, as long as they're hitting quarterly profit goals, have no problem parking their money overseas while the nation of their birth collapses. It's time to tax corporate America for the roads, bridges, and educated workforce they use but don't pay for.