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Headquartered in: PA

Industry: Telecommunications

Average Tax Rate: 24%

$ - in millions

Total 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
US Profit30,754--9,3506,6495,7205,2623,774
Federal Tax7,374--2,8931,4421,499802739
Effective Tax Rate24%--31%22%26%15%20%
State Profit32,027--9,7597,0006,1045,1064,058
State Tax1,273--409351384-156284
State Tax Rate4%--4%5%6%-3%7%
Foreign Profit464--221243------
Foreign Taxes164--8678------
Foreign Tax Rate35%--39%32%------
Federal Tax Breaks3,390--3798855031,040582
Combined Tax Effect of Stock Options199--134464--15
# of Tax Haven Subsidiaries 300000
Tax Haven Subsidiaries

Bermuda(1), Cayman Islands(1), Netherlands(1)

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