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Exxon Mobil

Headquartered in: TX

Industry: Oil, Gas & Pipelines

Average Tax Rate: 14%

$ - in millions

Total 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
US Profit41,372--10,65111,0667,4192,4909,746
Federal Tax5,807--1,6441,380992-9542,745
Effective Tax Rate14%--15%12%13%-38%28%
State Profit43,172--11,22211,5117,7112,57610,152
State Tax1,800--57144529286407
State Tax Rate4%--5%4%4%3%4%
Foreign Profit279,944--67,50461,74645,24832,20173,245
Foreign Taxes122,799--25,65028,84921,09315,83031,377
Foreign Tax Rate44%--38%47%47%49%43%
Federal Tax Breaks8,673--2,0842,4931,6041,825666
Unrepatriated Foreign Income47,00043,000--------
Combined Tax Effect of Stock Options1,115--178202280140315
# of Tax Haven Subsidiaries 3800000
Tax Haven Subsidiaries

Bahamas(19), Bermuda(1), Cayman Islands(1), Hong Kong(3), Luxembourg(5), Netherlands(7), Singapore(2)

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